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To live !1 , the teacher asked the students : Everyone must die , you take one . Student A: Everyone must feces ,nike free 7.0 mens 一声悦耳而优美动听的铃声将我一种很玄的东西给拽了回来, who the stool is not paper. Teacher was very angry , told the students left standing. The following year, the teacher asked the same question back to students . Then the students smarter . He replied : Everyone must feces , who the stool is not paper. If the king do not have toilet paper , unless you are with your fingers . Teacher was very well done ,nike free 7.0 mens, ask students left standing there ! At this time , the teacher saw the window under the snow , it sorry to say : God does not rain, snow , snow to the ground as rain . 麗緻hen the rain became much trouble , why did not rain . Student and teacher replies : the teacher does not eat shit food ,nike free trail, rice goes into the feces . 麗緻hen feces into more trouble, why did not eat shit. In this way the teacher fainted ,nike free 3.0 running shoes! Haha ...... 2 , geography teacher asked : where the river flows ah ? Students stand up and sing a fierce : the river to the east ah ! He went on to say the teacher ignored : A number of stars in heaven ? The student then sings: Ah Compass reference stars in the sky ! Teacher shortness of breath : you get out ,nike free running shoes,nike free 5.0 mens 原文地址:[恶搞]谢霆锋遭马踢伤膝盖! Students: that we left to go Ah ! Teacher helpless : you sick , right? Student: You have me all there Ah ,nike free 7.0 mens Remember that these groups have the opportunity to use the .! Teacher: Do you sing a try ! Students : A Road indignant roar life ! Teacher: Do you believe I played you ? Student : This can act Ah ! Teachers angry : I will let you drop ! Students: catch Chuang Jiuzhou A ,cheap nike free! Haha . . . Transferred to the friends around you to see . More smile , one less to worry less .

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