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who fell in love with the dragon, you love the Lunar New Year Dragon ......
the dragon character of people is very strange, and sometimes super-talkative, sometimes can be one day without talking, happy, will hard words, happy time,nike free 5.0 mens 只有经历过才懂得珍惜, not saying a word.
who does not love the dragon hold a grudge,nike free 7.0 mens, but she was good and who's who of bad for her, she still remember very clearly the
the dragon to true self hidden in the middle of the night's silence and the midnight clear laughter.
the dragon is often a person.
the dragon is not easy to fall in love with a person, but once fall in love with it is difficult to extricate themselves. Once injured, always deeply wounded.
the dragon is a good boy.
the dragon like the sea, like the Advantages and Disadvantages. likes to lick his wounds.
the dragon's character is very strange but eccentric, they will suddenly laugh in silence, feeling sad.
the dragon thought 麗緻hat is never said others could not guess.
the dragon's mouth that do not care, but my mind was already sad, heart of that fire had extinguished.
the dragon chose silence, not loved as before hot to pursue something.
the dragon always love memories, memories of the previous bit by bit,Discount Nike free clearance, before the size of the thing just quietly thinking.
the dragon seat people are born sensitive, and students have the sixth sense, the human mind has extraordinary insight.

the dragon do not understand sweet, disdain flattery.
the dragon who instinctively reject the hypocrisy and affectation of people.
the dragon will not really angry, even angry, soon forget!
the dragon who only really know her, show her creativity, her emotions she became indifferent to prove that she began to re-examine you, when she was more silent, the more angry on her behalf.
the dragon may look ferocious, but in fact have the most flexible.
the dragon who looks very cool, but just to protect yourself.
the dragon who attach great importance to friendship, after the injury but was definitely not a friendly.
the dragon, it is very easy to be moved, but moved in and maintain sensible.
the dragon may look strong, in fact, are the most vulnerable.
the dragon who is not very crying, but her cry does not mean strong.
the dragon may look stupid, in fact, knowing too much.

the dragon might do things edgy But the heart is very careful.
the dragon people are born sensitive and delicate, but it will carefully identified.

the dragon's weakness, but does not represent injured,Discount Nike free clearance 怎样, the only place where no one knows hide crying.
the dragon never false, has obviously sad to not breathe, but also to pretend in front of him a strong favorite; not easily let anyone into her own world
the dragon's smile , whether happy or sad, are the smile on his face, a smile, they disguise their best weapon,
the dragon's tears, and never easy to be seen, only her tears she never knew, but who knows , behind the smile,nike free 3.0 running shoes, is buried deep sadness, the more fun to laugh, hurt the deepest.

the dragon never back down, the dragon, and never easy to love or like, unless the real the like to the extreme, otherwise almost impossible to tell the truth, but once tell the truth, is to spare no effort to pay, even if they know the result of this exchange may be deeply hurt ...

the dragon,cheap nike free, for ever may do the same thing twice, confession, too, the same person, you could only hear the deepest confession to two, twice,nike free 5.0 mens, that is absolutely quiet ... even if still in love with, have the courage to say the third time I love you ... can not repeat one thing third.

the dragon seems stupid, do not understand how to restore the love of the heart,nike free 3.0 running shoes 我和老公没羞没臊的日子, only his mind silently blessing and prayer.
wounded the dragon, only to endure alone in the corner of the heartbreaking pain.
the dragon: the thoughtful first, eat first, love of family first, the first filial , sentimental first.

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