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boy is a bully, very sensible, to a semester of high school was fired. His family not control him. Boys often do not go home a few days. The boy was depressed, rarely smiling, and rarely speak. But the boys have a lot of friends,nike free running shoes Tolerance, which was ~ ~, are also not reading, boys like white clothes, white all day. Boys often go to school to play, but he never go to provoke girls. But no one has a friend and talking, sometimes secretly watched one place. 麗緻here there is a very beautiful girl, is white clothes. The boy was about emotion, every fight is a rush to go first. But the boy never to tease those who did not offend him.
boy girl living in the neighborhood, they two meet regularly,nike free trail Reproduced  a super- touching love, but never speak,cheap nike free, just as the same do not know. Girls like to watch the boy a pair of melancholy eyes. But the boy never to find, no times are secretly watching the girl is afraid of the dark, there are times and family quarrel, a man ran out, the same night as the devil surrounded her, the girl afraid of go out into the light to where the go, the girl saw the boy, they are drinking, it seems that a lot of drinking, the night the boy's eyes were bright, he looked at her, did not speak, the boy's friends who surrounded; stay with my brother who drink. . . Girl scared of eyes to look at the helpless boy, hope he can help her, she just looked down the boy did not care to drink. The girl is very sad, desperate eyes to see it in front of people, the day the girl to drink a lot of wine. 麗緻ake up when the boy at his side, the girl did not know what happened, again and again asked the boy, the boy, a friend said; nothing we did not want you so bad, is he back you come back, the girl look hearts full of clothes of their own relief, so girls and their contacts up, the girl is very beautiful and very good, so they liked to speak with the girl,nike free running shoes, but only only boys and girls talk less, the girl was wronged, and asked the boy is not hate her, the boy always walked away in silence, the girl slowly discover they actually they are not bad people, like counter-very good, the girl has become a member of them, when the 18-year-old boy 19 year-old girl.
a girls and boys took to the streets,nike free 5.0 mens, rushing a few people would cut the boy, the girl saw, imagined the boy a knife block, a lot of girls back flow of blood, thoroughly angry boy, a man rushed to empty-handed and beat them, they cut a boy 4 knife, the boy did not know when the pain, the only wish is that chopped down the girl's people. Then the police came, those who ran, boys and girls were taken to hospital. The boy asked the girl in tears: 麗緻hy should I help my knife block, you do not know may be your life? Girl: I did not think so much, I just do not want to hurt you, because I love you. Having looked at the boy the girl quietly. Boy hugged the girl at once. At that moment the girl laughed, with a happy, happy. So they began to date a. At that time the boy 20 girl 19.
boy never told people that the girl is his girlfriend, has never said what for many girls, I love you. Girls feel wronged, but still tacitly. Boy loves girl, but what gave the boy can not you girls,nike free 3.0 running shoes, boys, nothing, the boy marry the girl will suffer, the boy really want to take care of the girl for life, love girls, boys, boys do not say this is because I did not love eligible girls, boys love girls never have to change, this life would only loved the girl.
later rented a small house for girls and boys, girls dress up the room very nice, boys will be holding the girl every night sleep, the boy would fall asleep watching the girl, then a slow smoking, the girl did not actually fall asleep, the girl could not bear to sleep, she felt the boy to bring her love, one night, the boy the girl is still as usual hug into her arms, waiting for the girl to fall asleep, the girl opened his big eyes and asked me not beautiful? The boy laughed, 麗緻hy do you ask, the girl said, holding only a month why I, the boy looked at the girl, long time the boy said; because of reluctant. . . That night the girl cried, the girl knows he's the guy who can love their life. . . . Later, the girl to his first time to the boy. .

boy was cheerful and more, laugh very happy. Also promises a lot of girls. The girl then the girl very happy.
8 月 4, girls and boys can not look a day lifetime. Stomach pain girl because the boy was taken to the hospital, check out the result is lung cancer, the girl stayed to hear. But the girls do not believe, knees to the doctor cried: I do not deceive you, he was just a stomach pain, not so serious. Is not, do not scare me find you the okay. He is not. Doctors shaking his head left. Hospital doctors to the boy, the boy did not care for him, propped up like a girl walked outside the hospital. The girl whispered in the boy's arms talking about. Tomorrow we go to another hospital where it is. The boy has been silent, silent tears boy. Because the boy know that this is an indisputable fact. Boy the previous pain to vomiting blood, because it is a fight left before injury. Did not tell the girl. Afraid of her worries.
not pay attention to two days after the boy while his family left, the boy now to a strange place where no one know him, he rarely went out to always stay in the group room. Only when the go out to buy medicine, because the boy's hair fall out now,Discount Nike free clearance 回忆是一杯苦酒, many aging people do not want to scare people away. Boys are always at the computer in a daze,nike free 7.0 mens, looking at previous photos or the only boy at that moment to reveal long-lost smile.
boys but not girls find that times were disappointed. The girl saw the girl told him to come back on-line QQ, said many, many. The boy is just quietly watching. No times will be watching the boy cry.
the tenth day of the boy to leave. Finally I called the boys to girls, girls, one boy received a call saying: you come back okay, I'm so lonely, afraid. Please. Under the silent boy. The girl said: 麗緻e break up. Girls against boys coaxed to hear: 麗緻hy? How do you like this, why do you bad faith! 麗緻hy did you leave me, you say ah! You say you love me, guard my lifetime! Life is not sad to leave I will not let me, will not let me wronged, why do not you come back, you are not human! You speak does not count, you come back, come back at me ah. . . Girl piercing cry let the boy to tears. Boy finally closed the phone.
boy was so heart pain, or a person quietly waiting for the day come.
look after your heart if you touch the rotating Please stay sentence, go back!
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