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Long, long ago, rain stopped falling in China. The people prayed for rain to the Jade Emperor, for it was he who looked after everything in heaven, on the land and in the sea, but no matter how much they prayed, rain did not fall.
    Four dragons lived in the East China Sea in those days. They swam to shore to see what was happening,"christian louboutin decollete        ", and saw people tearing grass from the caked ground, for the people had nothing else left to eat.
    当时,"salvatore ferragamo subtil        ",有四条龙住在中国的东海。他们游到岸边去看怎么回事,看到人们在从结块的土地上拔草吃,因为土地上实在没有别的东西吃了。
    "We must do something," Long Dragon said, and Yellow Dragon nodded. "We must help them ourselves," said Pearl Dragon, "for the Jade Emperor will never answer their prayers."
    They suddenly thought of a way to help. They started swimming this way and that, scooping up water with their bodies. Then all four leapt into the sky. Black Dragon flew to the north, Long Dragon flew to the west, Pearl Dragon flew to the southernmost tip of China, and Yellow Dragon flew to the very center of the vast country. All at once, they let the wate* **ll from their mouths, arms,"sale ferragamo        ", legs, and even their tails.
    他们突然想到了一个办法。他们在海里游,然后用他们的身体汲取水。然后他们四个分别腾飞天空,"online shoes buy        "。黑龙飞向了北面,长龙飞去了西面,珠龙飞去了中国的最南端,而黄龙则飞去了这个辽阔国度的最中心。突然,他们让水从他们的嘴巴、手脚、尾巴流出来。
    The people down below looked up, but they could not see the dragons. They could only see the rain falling from the sky -- drops of rain more beautiful than any jewel. "Rain!" they cried joyfully, and all the people and animals ran out into the rain and started to dance.
    When the Jade Emperor saw the rain, he was furious. "Who dares to tamper with[干预] my world?" he shouted, and then saw the four dragons swooping around in the sky. "You will not escape!" he thundered, and summoning[招集] Mountain God, he ordered him to kill the dragons.
    当玉帝看到雨,他十分震怒。“是谁干的?”他咆哮道,"gucci sukey tote        ",然后他看到了飞在空中的四条龙。“你们跑不了的!”他大吼道,然后招集山神,他命令山神杀死四条龙
    Mountain God sent four mountains tumbling after the dragons. The moment the creatures landed, the four mountains landed on top of them, crushing them. Then an odd thing happened. Suddenly four rivers formed, springing out from beneath the mountains and spreading across the whole country.
    This, people say, is how the four great rivers of China were created: the Yangtze, the Yellow,"sale christian louboutin shoes        ", the Pearl and the Heilongjiang are all that remain of the four great dragons who once saved the people of China.

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