Elderly men stole money and books to return the bank teller

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Elderly men stole money and books to return the bank tellerSports Network (AFP) (trainee reporter intern Yu Lihua quartz Peng Jing Yi-wei) yesterday afternoon, 76-year-old pottery dad get money out of banks after the close, were criminals stole 4,500 yuan in cash and books. Criminals then returned to banks, on the counter of the book with Tao dad took away 3400 yuan.  
yesterday afternoon, reporters rushed to the new Island Avenue 麗緻uhan Yangluo Pingjiang rural commercial bank branches operating Yangluo Economic and Technological Development Zone Room. Tao daddy's son Otto introduced nearly 12 noon, the Dow dad and his daughter to the operating room,nike air max premium, out of 4500 yuan to prepare the New Year. Tao hurry home daddy's daughter, taking a step,designer clothes shop, she walked five minutes to hear the sound of noise coming from the back, go back right again and found pottery dad lying on the ground.  
passers-by to tell her daddy out of the bank door Tao tens of meters away, wearing a dark jacket, a 40-year-old man rushing to tear down, stole money and passbook. Dad fell to the ground, in the past no one came forward to help pedestrians.  
Otto subsequently heard about this, check his father's account and found that books were removed on the 3,400 yuan remaining 91 yuan. He reported to the police. Police transfer to see surveillance video and found pottery dad in withdrawals, the counter is very crowded, enter the password easily withdraw the person next to see,timberland boot, and the operating room there is no security to maintain order.  
Otto said,  
which 7900 yuan is Tao dad's pension money,purple uggs boots, after the incident, the elderly angry, anxious,bikini store, lying on the bank refused to leave the hall.  
person in charge of the operating room said they did not know the robbery took place outside, the man holding a book and know the password, so the staff handled withdrawals on the business. Operating room shortly before the retirement security, and the new security is not in place.  
present,louis vuitton boots, Yangluo Zone Police Station is investigating the case. Police remind the public for access to money before the business more frequently, be sure to pay attention to safety, pay attention to people around the elderly withdrawal is best accompanied by their families.

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